The Essentials of Fasting

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The real essence of fasting requires understanding and complete comprehension, which is why ‘The Essentials of Fasting’ is the perfect companion for those aspiring to recognise the true reality of the fast.

By fulfilling both the outward and inward conditions affiliated with fasting, readers can aspire towards a higher spiritual dimension during their worship. This endeavour can only be achieved through adhering to the rulings and conditions, coupled with the realisation of the inward beauty associated with fasting (and Ramadan).

This spectacular guide covers: the legal classification and intention of fasting; the principles related to establishing the beginning of every Islamic month, and in particular the crescent moon of Ramadan; the actions that do, and do not invalidate the fast; the expiation required for invalidating the fast of Ramadan; the actions that are, and are not disliked during fasting; the exemptions from fasting during Ramadan; the legal rulings of itikaf; the rulings of fasting for women; and the inner spirit of fasting, which includes theses on the virtue of fasting, the radiant month of Ramadan, and Prophetic recommendations during fasting.

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The Essentials of Fasting


A detailed, yet simple step by step handbook that provides both a clear and concise guide to the legal rulings associated with fasting (and Ramadan), and an insight into the inner spiritual dimensions of fasting.

Book Reviews:

"JazakAllah for the books; I received them yesterday and found them to be impeccable. A great service to the Muslim community which reflects the skill and sincerity of the people behind it all."

"SubhanAllah, this book is amazing! I recommend everyone to get a personal copy, or at least one per household. I've not been able to put it down since yesterday. It doesn't just cover the legal rules of fasting, but gives practical steps of how to make the best of your Ramadan inshaAllah. Also contains rare spiritual insights I have never come across before."

"The book is concise, informative and enlightening. Would recommend that every household has a copy of this essential guide."

This is a fantastic book, which is a must-have. Definitely worth spending your money on.

An amazing read that is very simple to understand. It includes a fantastic concept of Ramadan and breakdown of hadith as well. The book is very easy to understand and includes the best spiritual insights that you wouldn't usually know, which motivates you to reap the rewards from the holy month of Ramadan.

The Essentials of Fasting is a concise, well-written, glossy hand book, which covers the fundamentals of fasting for Muslims, and non-Muslims alike. It is easy to follow and understand, covering all the legal rulings one needs to be aware of during and outside the month of Ramadan. It makes reference to (both) Sunnah and hadith, as well as providing useful terminology of Arabic words used. A continuation in the Essentials series, which can also serve as a gift for friends. Highly recommended

I think this is tremendous achievement for everyone involved with the publication of this wonderful book. It breaks down the essentials and gives a more thorough understanding of what fasting is, how we can make the most of it and the general rules of fasting. The previous publication from the team: Essentials of Hajj and Umrah was a brilliant book, it gave the understanding of what was needed when undergoing either Hajj or Umrah. For individuals experiencing this for the first time the book helped a lot.

I like the way the same procedure has be used for the Essentials of Fasting. The book is extremely helpful especially when wanting to explain those questions we get from non-Muslims during Ramadhan. Keep up the good work Ins Sha Allah, will be looking forward to the next publication

Essential Islam's latest publication, the Essentials of Fasting is an easily readable nevertheless, very informative, comprehensive and a unique book on fasting as it give a very detailed view of the Fiqh of Fasting, but what makes this book stand-out is that it also includes spiritual aspects of fasting which are not found in many other books on Fasting.

This book has been very informative for me as it has been able to answer all the questions regarding Fasting and the etiquettes that go with it. For this reason I feel that I am more equipped this Ramadan to make the most of each day, to have the basic knowledge of what I should be avoiding and what acts I should be performing more of to gain the blessings of this month fully. The writing is simple and understandable, with explanations given for certain words, it is categorised in different sections which makes it easier to browse through when I am at work or out and about. It is small enough to fit in my handbag and I have really enjoyed reading the quotes to go with each section. I have enjoyed this book so much that I have purchased a few to give as gifts to family and friends so they can benefit also. Thank you for taking the time to develop this book for us.

I pre-ordered 'the essentials of fasting' & it arrived a couple of days before the first fast, alhamdullilah. I have recommended this book to many of my friends, as I have found this book to be extremely useful and I am pleased that the content is very concise and simple to read and to understand. I am thoroughly enjoying this book & recommend it to all. I particularly enjoyed reading about the spiritual aspects of fasting.

I've actually been looking for a good book which tells me what to do and what not to do during Ramadhan. There's a lot that I didn't know which helped me a lot, like when women miss their fast because of menstruation, I didn't know we had to perform them after Ramadhan as I thought it will be forgiven. That helped me so much as I was a bit confused. So thank you very much! Overall I think the book is really good Ma Shaa Allah! Every person who reads the book I pray that the person who put it together will get the Sawaab for it. Amen!

The Essentials of Fasting is an amazing, to the point Fiqh book/guide. Explaining not only the essentials, but also provides commentary and an explanation of key terms, which are needed for laymen to understand the Islamic concept of fasting. A must have book/guide for every Muslim.

The Essentials of Fasting is indeed an ESSENTIAL book to have. It is very informative and only brings you closer to the true essence of Ramadan and consists of: the importance of fasting, key rulings and beautiful narrations/sayings of our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), and other great personalities. It is well structured and well referenced. This publication is a great buy and of great benefit. Definitely recommended to all! May Allah reward the team for their efforts of great work!

Al-hamdu li Llah I am finished reading this book, but I know that each Ramadan I will be looking through it in order to learn whatever I need at that time. It is a must have in house and answers a lot of question about daily problems in Ramadan regarding what breaks and does not break the fast.

The spiritual sections have been very helpful and inspiring and gives one strength to try and emulate the path of those who have lived before us successfully.

I want to start by firstly saying jazakAllah khair for another amazing and hugely beneficial publication. Having read the essentials of hajj and umrah book, which was immensely invaluable to our trip. The moment I heard there was going to be a new publication on fasting I didn't hesitate to pre - order it immediately. I eagerly awaited its delivery, and I have read the book within days of it arriving. I wasn't disappointed – mashAllah - the simplicity of its contents and explanation of key terms is a signature of the essential Islam books and leaves no room for doubt or error. There is also peace of mind after having read the introduction that the contents is strictly based on the Quran and sunnah of the best of creation, the blessed Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. This is reinforced with the mere mention of our beloved Shaykh Muhammad al -Yaqoubi.

Overall this book, like the previous, is indispensable and, as we live in a world where everything is judged on value, a mere £5/£8 is so small that it would be of great sadness if my brothers and sisters were to miss out on its contents.

I would like to conclude by saying the book has made this Ramadan a much more beneficial process spiritually, and I will without a doubt be pre - ordering the purity book, and any future publications as soon as they become available.

As a new convert I really appreciate that a guide like this was released. The Essentials of Fasting is truly an essential book, and it shouldn't lack in your library. It is well-arranged and articulate, and even new Muslims and non-Muslims will have no problem to learn about the basics of fasting from it. The entire book is well-thought-out and backed up with a lot of useful references, including many hadiths. Another strongpoint of this publication is its practical pocket-sized format, which allows one to easily carry it around for reference during the fasting hours. May Allah reward all those who brought us this book and I highly recommend it to all the Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


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The Essentials of Fasting

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